A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit. ~ Greek Proverb

Opening the first homeless shelter in Nevada County did not come without obstacles.  A number of special individuals helped us along the way; to find acceptance, provide event planning, help with organization, advocacy, and collaboration of services for our guests. All of this helped to create the amazing program we have today.

Following are a few remarkable individuals:

For participation and assistance with the renovation project for Utah’s place:

A special thanks to Architect Jeff Gold and Contractor Tim Brady for working with Hospitality House in the beginning phase of the building project.

For media sponsorship and support of our events an organization:

And, to these organizations for constantly supplying us with delicious food and drinks for our shelter!

Supplies and other in-kind donors

Finally, a big thanks for our new website:

Hospitality House would like to acknowledge Robb and Mollie Wilmot for their generous underwriting of our new website. Their support, advice, friendship and compassion for the homeless has meant so much to all of us at Hospitality House and to our entire homeless community.