Just Like You


Who Cares About Homelessness? Sue VanSon, Keith Porter, Dave Painter, Mikail Graham, Howard Levine, Kent Riffey, Dan Castles, Kathy Hillis, Keoni Allen, Carl VanSon, Mark Casey, Ginny Riffey, Carolyn Hood, Hazel Shewell, and Carole Carson all care passionately about Hospitality House and the work we do to help homeless people in our community. In this […]

Mikail Graham


Mikail Graham wants you to know that more 
than ever, Hospitality House needs your help. Folksinger and social activist Bruce “Utah” Phillips devoted the last years of his life to Hospitality House’s mission of ending homelessness in Nevada County. Utah passed on in 2008, but his dream lives on with help of inspired community volunteers […]

Sue Vanson


“Beat up and broke down, hungry and homeless” Debbie R. came off the streets to Hospitality House to kick her methamphetamine addiction and create a new life for herself. Debbie’s been clean for more than a year now, and she is successfully living on her own. “It’s exciting to see people move on,” said HH […]

Jeff Leiter

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“You show up. You’re broke. You’re crying. You’re a wreck, remembers former HH guest Kirk. “You need someone to tell you, ‘It’s okay’.” “They do that. And they do that really well.” Kirk now has a job with a solid local business and a place to live – and that’s why local philanthropist Jeffrey Shattuck […]

Dan Castles


“Come in, I’d like to show you around …” … invites Joanna Robinson, a co-founder and current president of the board of directors of Hospitality House. “We have a social responsibility,” asserts Dan Castles, president and CEO of Telestream Corp., the industry-leading digital video company based in Nevada City. They’re both talking about Utah’s Place. […]