Just Like You

Who Cares About Homelessness?

Sue VanSon, Keith Porter, Dave Painter, Mikail Graham, Howard Levine, Kent Riffey, Dan Castles, Kathy Hillis, Keoni Allen, Carl VanSon, Mark Casey, Ginny Riffey, Carolyn Hood, Hazel Shewell, and Carole Carson all care passionately about Hospitality House and the work we do to help homeless people in our community.

In this video, these Nevada County community leaders tell why they volunteer their time and donate money, goods and services to HH – and why you should too.

“We’re all in this together. We have to step forward and help out.” – Carole Carson; Community Fitness organizer, leader and author

“This is an opportunity to give back.” – Keoni Allen; owner, Sierra Foothills Construction

“Reach down deep. Check your heart … and think about making a difference.” – Dan Castles, CEO Telestream

“If everybody does a little bit, then we can make big strides in what we do for people in the community.” – Howard Levine, Grass Valley City Councilmember

Together we can do what none of us could do alone.