Program Supervisor


Position: PROGRAM SUPERVISOR (PS) Status: Non-Exempt

POSITION SUMMARY The PS major areas of responsibility include: Shelter Operations and Facilities Management; Personnel Management; Guest Life Management Classes, Fiscal Management; and Community Relations. The PS has overall responsibility for Hospitality House’s emergency shelter daily workflow and for the supervision, development and motivation of staff. The PS is also responsible for enhancing opportunities for volunteers and fostering a collaborative relationship with other service providers.


A. Operations and Facilities Management:

1. Oversee daily operations by performing tasks directly or supervising others.

2. Ensure all goals, operations and activities comply with Board policies and Hospitality House’s Mission, Purpose and Core Values.

3. Ensure that Hospitality House’s programs are available to eligible people regardless of religious belief or affiliation, race, color, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation.

4. Directly or by delegation, ensure that staff’s daily, weekly and monthly schedules and workloads achieve program objectives within established budgets and without unnecessary overtime.

5. Maintain regular communication with guests, service providers and external program representatives to ensure employees’ performance is in line with guests’ needs and the program’s goals and objectives.

6. Oversee the management of all property, maintenance, security, and safety concerns at the Hospitality House facility and of Hospitality House’s equipment, including vehicles.

7. Aid the ED in maintaining and updating approved operations forms and manuals as needed.

8. Oversee the development, maintenance and confidentiality of the program’s database, coordinating with the ED on the public dissemination of data.

9. Direct available resources as needed.

10. Develop and coordinate guest life management classes. Facilitate classes and coordinate with other services providers to facilitate classes.

11. Review and approve or deny shelter guest terminations as stated in the Disciplinary Action Procedures. Refer appeals to ED as appropriate.

B. Personnel Management:

1. Using an interview panel, interview and hire all shelter monitor employees, subject to approval by the ED.

2. Ensure employees receive and sign all required documents and forms, including the Employee Handbook, Health and Safety Regulations, and Position Description.

3. Ensure information is disseminated to staff on existing or new procedures.

4. Provide orientation and training for new employees to assure quality work and identify and arrange for appropriate ongoing training for staff.

5. Provide progressive disciplinary action for employee performance improvement, when necessary. Document disciplinary actions in employee personnel file.

6. Complete employee evaluations as outline in the Employee Handbook.

7. Understand and ensure all shelter staff maintains guest confidentiality and data privacy standards.

8. Keep updated resource information on local and regional human services, and make these available for all shelter staff.

9. Understand status as a mandated reporter of child or vulnerable adult maltreatment and ensure all shelter staff has this training.

10. Maintain knowledge of fire, safety, health and work standards to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.

11. Incorporate volunteer staff, as appropriate.

C. Community Relations:

1. In coordination with the ED, act as liaison to government agencies, participating churches & organizations, developing healthy community relations and maintaining a positive image of the program.

2. In coordination with the ED, respond to and resolve complaints from shelter neighbors, government officials and all other program-related affiliates.

3. Ensure compliance with all agreements with other organizational entities, such as the Use Permit Conditions with the City of Grass Valley.

4. In coordination with the ED, participate in public forums to educate and raise awareness about homelessness and support for the Hospitality House Program.

5. Facilitate use of volunteers, where appropriate, in all areas of Hospitality House.

EQUIVALENT EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Five years of experience is required in the human services field dealing with issues unique to homelessness, substance abuse, mental health, and physical disabilities. Specific knowledge and experience with Twelve Step philosophy, addiction and recovery is preferred. Must have a valid California Driver’s License.


Lift and move up to 20 pounds; Stand, walk and sit frequently; Bend and stoop occasionally. Climb stairs.

NATURE OF SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Must be able to work independently toward attainment of operational goals and contract compliance.


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