Outreach Case Management

Homeless Outreach

The Homeless Outreach Program is a program that utilizes case managers to go to where unsheltered homeless people are in Nevada County and attempt to build connections and trust with the goal of helping them connect to needed services.

Local law enforcement agencies, service agencies, and community members can call upon outreach workers when they have a concern about a homeless person in a neighborhood or shopping area; or workers will connect with homeless individuals as they conduct street outreach work each day.

The goal of outreach case managers is to help unsheltered homeless people link up with the various resources available to them. For many, living in a homeless camp or on the streets is a way of life and it can be difficult to convince people to take advantage of the various resources available. If someone is not ready to avail themselves of services, including shelter, the goal is to help them survive while unsheltered.

If you are homeless and unsheltered in Nevada County, and in need of assistance, please contact Hospitality House at (530) 271-7144.

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