Using the Online Volunteer System

Please note: Most volunteer opportunities are currently suspended as a result of the pandemic. Please check back for updates.

Applying to Become a Volunteer

You can apply to become a volunteer by completing the online application form on the Hospitality House website. Please complete as many fields on the form as you can. Fields marked with an asterisk* are required, for example your email address.

Once you have completed the form, read the Agreement section, check that you have understood the Agreement and then press the Continue button. When we receive your online application form we will automatically send you a confirmation email titled “HH Volunteer Application Received”.

After we have reviewed and accepted your application, we will send you two more emails: one to say welcome, and a second to provide your credentials for using the online volunteer system. There are two sets of credentials:

(1) Your login name to access your account containing your volunteer information, emergency contacts, etc. You will need to choose a password for your account and you can do this by following the “reset password” link in the email.

(2) Your PIN number which you will use for signing in and out of your volunteer shifts at Bread & Roses, Utah’s Place, and at events.

Please make a note of your login name, password, and PIN number. If you lose any of your credentials, please contact the Volunteer Manager at

When you have chosen a password, please login to your account, check that the information about you under the “My Profile” tab is correct, and familiarize yourself with how to view and sign-up for volunteer opportunities under the “My Schedule” tab. You are now ready to sign-up to volunteer!

Note that when you appear for your first volunteer assignment, you will be asked to read and sign a liability agreement.

Accessing Your Account

Your account is accessible in the “Volunteer Information Center”. You can always find the login page for your account from the Hospitality House website. Simply bring up the Hospitality House website, click on the “Become a Volunteer” menu, and then select the “Volunteer Information Center” item. Enter your login name and password (this is not your PIN) on the new page and press the “Go” button.

After you have logged into your account, you will see a welcome message under the “Home” tab. This is also an area where you may find volunteer news items.

Under the “My Profile” tab you will find your contact, demographic, and emergency contact information. Please remember to keep your profile up-to-date if your circumstances change.

The “My Schedule” tab will probably be your most frequently visited area. Here you can filter which volunteer openings are shown, and on the calendar you can see and select which openings you want to sign-up for. You can sign-up for multiple openings both in the next few days and farther into the future.

The “My Service” and “Account” tabs show details of how many hours you have volunteered to date, and enable you to change your account password.

Signing In & Out

When you arrive at Bread & Roses, Utah’s Place, or at an event where you have scheduled yourself to volunteer, you should sign-in on the tablet computer that is provided. To sign-in, simply enter your PIN number, press the button saying you are checking-in and then exit. When you leave, enter your PIN number again and press the button to indicate you are signing-out.

In addition to signing in and out, you may also use the tablet to schedule and re-schedule your volunteer time, and to see how many hours you have worked. To do this, simply enter your PIN, press the schedule button and follow the prompts.

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Q: What if I do not have an email address?
A: Please contact the Volunteer Manager at (530) 615-0805.

Q: My partner and I share an email address, can we sign-up together using the one address?
A: We would very much prefer you to sign-up using separate email addresses. You can easily obtain an additional email address and arrange for it to forward all mail to your shared address (e.g.

Q: We are an organization (church, non-profit group, etc) that would like to sign-up and we will send groups of people to volunteer. How do we do this?
A: Please contact the Volunteer Manager at (530) 615-0805.

Q: We became volunteers before this online system was put in place. Do we have to re-apply?
A: Yes, we would like you to re-apply because we have hundreds of volunteer records and many of these records are incomplete, contain out-of-date information or are no longer valid. Asking our volunteers to re-apply will ensure we have consistent and up-to-date information for our active volunteers, and being online they will be much more easily maintained.

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