Utah Phillips “Love in Action” Award

Presented at the 2017 Night of Giving

Robert Wallis

“…he was the extremely talented and creative architect responsible for the renovation of the Utah’s Place. That renovation was beyond challenging in many-many ways we could not control and through all the chaos and delay, this man was flawlessly calm, gracious and inspirational,” said Joanna Robinson at the Night of Giving.

“Over the last 6 years I’ve been able to learn and grow in many different ways, and I’ve been very proud about the work that Hospitality House does. It does take quite a lot of folks, and commitment, and volunteers. It is amazing to see how much our community comes and supports Love in Action,” said Robert at the Award Ceremony.

Robert serves as a Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hospitality House.
Here’s an award ceremony video from the Night of Giving – https://youtu.be/V4UaTGNTn0s

Presented at the 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Lancheon

Carole and David Morris

were awarded the Utah Phillips “Love In Action” award for their consistent volunteer help 16 hours a month at Hospitality House, (between the two of them) with even more time given for fundraisers and special events, like the Night of Giving on Dec. 16. Last year they stood in the rain outside SPD Markets asking for peanut butter and jelly donations on #GivingTuesday. David and Carole have a relaxed attitude as they work with guests, assist the staff monitors, and provide their support, all with compassion. What this means for the shelter is that every other Saturday night there will be a dependable couple bringing their great attitudes to help transform a potentially stressful atmosphere with their willingness to pitch in wherever needed, from handing out supplies to supervising smoke breaks.

Francene Holland

was awarded the Utah Phillips “Love In Action” award for her generous gift of time and skill to Bread & Roses Thrift. Fran goes above and beyond in the 30 hours a month she spends at B&R sorting, hanging, steaming and tagging clothes. She is happy to train new volunteers and also recruits a few herself. Francene also lends her cheerful energy to our fundraising events.

Presented at the 2012 Night of Giving Event

Fred Skeen, RN

Fred Skeen has been the on-site nurse at Hospitality House since we opened in 2005, coming in at least once a week to offer medical care, including testing for tuberculosis, administering flu shots, and helping people as medical problems and conditions arise. Fred has also coordinated Sierra Pines United Methodist Church’s participation in our overnight program at least once a week for seven years, during which time he’s gathered hundreds of volunteers of all ages to help him make and serve extraordinary dinners. Having recently retired from a long nursing career, he has now joined the staff at Hospitality House.

Presented at the 2011 Night of Giving Event

Dr. Frank J. Lang, Jr.

Since 2005, JR Lang has spent his Monday evenings at Hospitality House, treating and making referrals for our sick guests. Over time he has gathered a whole team of doctors, physician’s assistants, and nurses to work with him, and he is currently creating a program that will outreach to homeless people in the community who don’t come to Hospitality House.

Presented at the 2010 Night of Giving Event

Mary Liebke

Mary Liebke is in charge of all the food served at the Welcome Center at Hospitality House, a monumental task she has expertly accomplished since we opened in 2005, and one she shares with a remarkable team she leads called the Lunch Bunch. Her commitment is quiet and constant, and she is one of those at the very heart of the work at Hospitality House.

Presented at the 2010 Bella Nota Event

Julie Holmes

Julie Holmes was acknowledged in 2010 for her generosity and commitment in benefiting Hospitality House at the annual Indian Springs Winery’s Bella Nota. Julie has worked with remarkable skill and dedication to create a beautiful evening that has been one of Hospitality House’s most important fundraising events for five years.

Presented at the 2009 Night of Giving Event

Mikail Graham

It was Mikail Graham who inspired the Utah Phillips Love in Action Award. A good friend of Utah’s, Mikail has shared his prodigious talents tirelessly for the past six years to produce the Night of Giving, an annual concert that gathers our community together for a holiday celebration that benefits Hospitality House.

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