“Around 60 sophomores from Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning began a new expedition Tuesday at Hospitality House.

Survive and thrive.

“There are so many ways that people survive,” Sierra Academy field work director and adventure teacher Dale Berry said prior to the students being admitted into the Hospitality House for the simulation. “For some people, just having a roof over your head might be surviving.”

Prior to entering Hospitality House, students were asked to put themselves in the shoes of a homeless person. They were given a card with a name, age, and a list of any medical issues that the simulated homeless person might have.

Students then lined up and were given a breathalyzer test before being allowed to enter Hospitality House, much in the same manner of a homeless person would have to.

“You get one chance and if you fail, we typically don’t give second chances,” Hospitality House program manager Isaias Acosta told the students before administering the breath test.

Once inside, students toured the facility, were informed of Hospitality House’s culinary program, as well as many other services the shelter provides.

“It’s way more serious of a shelter than I imagined,” Sierra Academy student Matt Berry said. “Especially with how they’re trying to get people back on their feet.”

Other students gave similar sentiments during the post simulation break down.

“It made me appreciative of the things I have in my life,” Sierra Academy student Katie Lyons said. “Makes you think that you should be grateful for the things that you do have in your life.”

“There’s a lot of stability that (Hospitality House) offers,” said shelter director Debbie MacDonald said, explaining this is the first time the shelter has done this type of in-house simulation.

The students will continue with their survive and thrive learning expedition by volunteering some time at Hospitality House in the coming months, as well as explore other ways of surviving with a snow camping trip planned for March.”

Source: https://www.theunion.com/news/local-news/survive-and-thrive-sierra-academy-of-expeditionary-learning-starts-new-chapter/

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