The Pet Program

The Pet Program

The Pet Program is designed to help homeless pet owners receive shelter and services at Hospitality House with their pet at their side. In addition to shelter, pets are receiving food, licensing, veterinary care, vaccinations, spay and neuter, wellness checks, flea and tick treatment and medications and medical care as needed. With people and pets together at the shelter, they can now benefit from the shelter’s programming to help transition back into housing, which is the ultimate goal.

Previously, if she/he owned an animal, they would have to choose whether to leave their loved one behind in order to move forward with shelter and expanded support or stay with their pet on the streets.

To help people with pets, donors of Hospitality House responded by opening the Pet Program at Hospitality House. Funding for the program began in September 2019 and the program came to fruition on New Year’s Day 2020. Today, the program continues to receive funding support from founding donors and is also sustained through grant awards.

To get support from the Pet Program, please call our shelter at (530) 271-7144.

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