Empty Bowl Returns Sept. 13-27

Artist- & restaurant-driven benefit for those without a home


18th Annual Empty Bowl


Commonly Asked Questions:

What is this event about?

Empty Bowl is an artist- and restaurant-driven benefit for Hospitality House. Local artists create and donate beautifully handcrafted ceramic and wood bowls to fill with sustenance. This year, that sustenance is offered by local restaurants who are also donating the food and their staff time to make the event possible.

Empty Bowl is an opportunity to help people experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. Sharing a simple meal is an opportunity for our community to express its compassion for those who are homeless and hungry. While the event is meant to be fun, it is also an opportunity to think about what it would be like if you only got a bowl of soup to eat every day, and some don’t even have that. Your support is a great way to show you care and ensure that the homeless in Nevada County have something to eat and somewhere to go. Every dollar received from Empty Bowl is a donation toward Hospitality House’s emergency operations and every dollar makes a difference in someone’s livelihood.

What does my ticket include?

1 ticket = 1 donated artisan bowl you’ll get to keep forever + 1 meal

Meal types vary by participating restaurants. Drinks, appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc. are all extra and are not included with your ticket purchase. 

Do I get to pick out my bowl? 

This answer varies by each restaurant. Some restaurants are having a “masked” experience, meaning your bowl will be a surprise. Others will offer a small selection for you to choose from at your table. A few are hosting displays to pick and choose from as you arrive.

I only want a specific artist’s bowl for my collection. Where can I find out where my favorite artist’s bowls will be?

All bowls will be scattered across all participating restaurants. There is no guarantee that an artist who participated in years past will choose to participate again this year (all artists graciously donate their bowls, time, and talent). While Hospitality House will do everything in its power to ensure equal distribution of artist variety to all restaurants because the event takes place over two weeks, bowl varieties and specific bowls by specific artists are not guaranteed to ticketholders.

Which restaurants are participating and what meal is being served?

There will be a list of participating restaurants and their featured dishes. Food offerings will vary by restaurant. Patrons with a ticket will visit their selected restaurant to receive a meal served in an artisan bowl. All restaurants are generously donating their space, time, and food offerings so 100% of your ticket sales will go directly to Hospitality House so please keep that in mind when visiting their establishment. Empty Bowl will be hosted at restaurants September 13-27 allowing you to support multiple restaurants if you’d like, increase your contribution to Hospitality House, and acquire an impressive collection of artisan bowls.

Am I required to buy more food/drinks at my selected restaurant? 

No, but we encourage it. Because of the generous support of each restaurant, the full price of your Empty Bowl ticket goes to Hospitality House which will provide food, shelter, and services to homeless individuals in Nevada County. After you redeem your ticket, the purchase of additional food or drinks supports your favorite or newly discovered restaurant.

Do I have to tip if I dine in or take my bowl to go? 

Restaurants are participating out of the kindness of their hearts with nothing received in return. As such, tipping is greatly encouraged. Each restaurant is donating their staff time and food to participate in Empty Bowl. It is a wonderful thank you if you show your appreciation for them by tipping your server and purchasing add-ons.

Are reservations for dining required?

Each restaurant has its own set of rules for Empty Bowl, including dates and hours of participation. When tickets go on sale, all information will be shared on the ticket purchase page to help you pick what dates work for you.

Hospitality House sincerely thanks you for your participation in this annual event! The monies generated directly affect community members who have fallen on hard times and need support.

Empty Bowl Dining Begins Sept. 13-27








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