Hearts & Hands Club

Wonderful people who donate every month to support the efforts of Hospitality House

Please Join Our Hearts & Hands Club

Hearts & Hands is a group of wonderful people who donate every month to support the efforts of Hospitality House. Club donations are allocated toward the greatest needs each month, including but not limited to shelter, food, clothing, outreach, housing assistance, case management, job training and emergency preparedness in response to COVID-19. It also has special advantages for you as a donor (scroll below). We think you might come to appreciate these advantages as much as Hospitality House does.

To sign up, CLICK HERE to access our online donation page and under donation frequency, select “monthly” for Hearts & Hands Club. Example:


Why Hospitality House Appreciates Monthly Giving

For most charities, particularly smaller ones like Hospitality House, donation revenue can fluctuate dramatically from month to month, dipping at certain times of the year below our cash-flow comfort zone. Monthly giving helps to remedy that problem by offering a steady, predictable funding source. It also has these other advantages:

Less expensive. Automatic monthly checking account transactions offer significant cost savings to Hospitality House by eliminating costs of materials, postage, and administrative work.

More effective planning. A predictable cash flow allows Hospitality House to remain focused on fulfilling its mission without undue stress. Predictable funding eases our budgeting process and enhances our ability to create new programs that help our guests.

Why You’ll Appreciate Monthly Giving Too!

In addition to supporting the Hospitality House shelter and housing program, you’ll appreciate these other benefits:

Easier on your pocket book. Monthly donations can be easier on your cash flow than donating occasional larger amounts.

Easier on your budgeting. Scheduled giving not only helps Hospitality House plan for the future, it helps you plan as well.

It’s simple with the Hearts and Hands Monthly Donor Club. Choose your payment method (credit card, check or automatic checking account transfer) and we’ll set you up with donation envelopes or automatic donation payment processing. It’s that easy! If you choose automatic payments (the easiest method), we’ll process your donation on the day of the month you’ve selected. Monthly contributions can be changed, increased, decreased or cancelled at any time.

Still unsure? Take a moment to meet one of our Hearts & Hands members, Judy Olson>

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