I’m Elida, and I’m the ARGP Shelter Case Manager at Hospitality House. ARGP stands for Adult Re-Entry Grant Program, which, in the easiest of terms, means I help people with minor criminal offenses who are also struggling with homelessness. My main priority is to help homeless individuals transition back into housing and I’m always looking for creative and permanent housing solutions.

I want to share a story with you, a story about a client who I will call Maggie. Maggie started substance abuse at the very young age of 12. She continued to consume in a daily basis until she was 18 years old and found out that she was pregnant. She quit for the baby and stayed clean during her pregnancy, but after her son was born, and months passed she started using heavily again. She then was arrested for the first time for paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substances. She was able to join a recovery program and charges were later dropped. But she continued to struggle with substance abuse, and ultimately lost custody of her son. She tried to get her son back and attempted numerous recovery programs, but her addiction took over and she was unable to follow through on any of the programs in order to regain custody of her son. For the next four years, Maggie was off and running in her addiction, then was arrested for the last time with a two-year prison term. She never gave up on her son, and worked hard to achieve soberness. She is now proud to say that she is two years with no sanctions, she maintains her sobriety and will be graduating as a dental assistant this coming year. The Adult Re-Entry Grant Program has also helped for her to obtain permanent housing while she receives mental health services and community support to promote her stability and goals of achieving independence to regain full custody of her son. It is our hope in time, she and her son will be reunited once more. To learn more about Hospitality House please, visit hhshelter.org.

Normally at this time we thank all the cook groups who came and cooked over the last week, but to keep our shelter safe, our cook groups are supporting our meals by donating financial support and food, and Chef Chris is safely cooking all meals instead. We’d like to thank Dignity Health – Sierra Memorial Nevada Hospital, Nevada City United Methodist Church, IFM Impastas, Mountain Stream Meditation, Kitchen-Kutups, The Home Team, and Repeat Offenders for all their help. To everyone who donated our most needed items last week, thank you as well!

Now down to the nitty gritty needs of the shelter for this week…

•PPE masks and gloves (please keep donating these)
•*New pillows
•Blankets, twin size
•Bottled water
•Hand warmers
•Alka seltzer
•Travel bags
•Hair ties
•Toilet paper
•Paper towels
•8 oz paper cups (no lids, plastic or Styrofoam cups needed)
•Men and Women’s winter gloves
•Men’s jeans, sizes 30-36
•Women’s underwear, sizes S, M, and L (or 5,6,7 and 8)
•Men and Women sweatpants, sizes M, L, XL and 2XL
•Plastic shower curtains and attachment rings for the Outreach Dorm’s bathroom shower)

Please drop off urgent items or mail them to Utah’s Place, located in Brunswick Basin, past the DMV, at 1262 Sutton Way in Grass Valley. For a tax receipt, please ring the doorbell and wait for someone to come outside to assist you. We greatly appreciate the community’s help at such times of uncertainty. In the words of Utah Phillips, “If we all stick together, we’ll get what we need.” Thank you!

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