I’m Danna and I’m the Medical Case Manager for Hospitality House. I connect our guests with medical services as well as handle their medical insurance needs.
This month I’ve had the pleasure of supporting a family who just welcomed a new baby boy into their lives. Unfortunately, they took a leap of faith earlier this summer with a new job opportunity that didn’t work out and came to Hospitality House in hopes of receiving help with housing and attaining medical care. At that time, the woman who I’ll refer to as Betsy, was in the third trimester of her pregnancy. Due to their high vulnerability, we were able to get them into a local motel so they could have a more stable environment for the remainder of the pregnancy while we continued to work with them to find permanent housing. As the medical case manager, I helped them through the process of establishing medical benefits and assigning them to a primary care physician. Due to Betsy being seven months into her pregnancy, I also assisted in the process by helping them get the referrals necessary so Betsy could receive late term care. As of this week, they notified me that they were accepted into an apartment complex and were moving by the weekend. This is incredibly exciting for them as they are a combined family with a new baby who, in the past, have been moving from one temporary housing situation to the next in the hopes of finding some form of stability. As an agency we will continue to support them through this transition and help them navigate this new chapter in their lives.
Help Hospitality House get a walk-in freezer/cooler! When an individual, who wished to remain anonymous, learned that Hospitality House’s food costs tripled as a result of the pandemic, this individual granted Hospitality House $5,000 toward the purchase of a larger commercial freezer/cooler combo. With this grant also came a challenge to raise the remaining balance. The freezer will increase the shelter’s ability to accept food donations, purchase in bulk to reduce costs, and in turn, feed more homeless men, women, children, seniors and Veterans.
Hospitality House has a goal to raise the remaining funding needed by Sept. 15. To support this “Fund the Freezer” capital campaign and help Hospitality House acquire its much needed freezer, community members are invited to donate at hhshelter.org and write “freezer” in the comments section, or mail a check addressed to Hospitality House at 1262 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, CA 95945, and write “freezer” in the memo section. Donations may also be made over the phone by calling 530-615-0852. Learn more about our Fund the Freezer campaign at hhshelter.org.

Normally at this time we thank all the cook groups who came and cooked over the last week, but to keep our shelter safe, our cook groups are supporting our meals by donating financial support and food, and Chef Chris is safely cooking all meals instead. We’d like to thank Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains, Gold Country Calvary Chapel, St. Pat’s Sidekicks, TCC Blessed Sisters, Jazzercize, The Home Team, and Crossroads Church for all their help. To everyone who donated our most needed items last week, thank you as well!

Now down to the nitty gritty needs of the shelter for this week…
• New pillows
• New blankets
• Adult coloring books
• Colored pens and pencils
• Any crafts that can be done by one person
• Deodorant
• Hand sanitizer
• Poligrip and Polident
• Body soap
• Shampoo and conditioner, regular sizes
• Bleach
• Bottled water
• Guitar picks Diabetes test kits (Glucose meter & test strips)
Please drop off urgent items to Utah’s Place, located in Brunswick Basin, past the DMV, at 1262 Sutton Way in Grass Valley. For a tax receipt, please ring the doorbell and wait for someone to come outside to assist you. We greatly appreciate the community’s help at such times of certainty. In the words of Utah Phillips, “If we all stick together, we’ll get what we need.”
Thank you!

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