Guest Expresses Gratitude on Valentine’s Day Weekend

Marvin is currently receiving emergency shelter, food, case management, and related services at Hospitality House. For Valentine’s Day, he made a heartfelt video message just for you, saying in part, “I feel like God has sent me some angels to look out for me during this time in my life.”

Watch below:

“Marvin has been helpful and personable since he walked through our doors,” said Chase Smiley, Shelter Manager. “He’s been a model shelter guest—following through on his case management plan, meeting goals, completing his chores, and planning for the future. One thing that has become apparent is that he has a big heart. As part of his financial planning, he fundamentally believes he needs to budget to one day give back to organizations like Hospitality House who have helped him.”

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Did You Miss Our Virtual Shelter Tour?

It’s not too late to go behind the scenes of our shelter, Utah’s Place. Meet real locals experiencing homelessness; see the beds where people sleep each night; the dining room where people eat each day; and learn about some of the programming and services available to those in need.

“I love the recent Virtual Tour of HH! All of their incredible videos make me cry – they are so well done and real. Getting the message across in video is not easy and they always convey their work in authentic and caring ways.”
         –Pamela Roberts, February Volunteer of the Month    

Watch below:

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Volunteer Spotlight: Pamela Roberts


Pamela has been gifting her marketing talents to Hospitality House for approximately four years, specializing in event promotions, ad strategy and placement, and social media to increase awareness and support for Hospitality House.

“One of the first campaigns I really dove in on was the Empty Bowl event a few years ago,” recalled Pamela. “When it sold out and Hospitality House reported it was the best attendance they’d ever had, I knew that meant I’d been able to help raise essential funds and awareness for HH. Rewarding for sure.”

“I’m a big fan of the ideals of the great Utah Phillips,” added Pamela. “I see what incredible work Hospitality House does and how they show up as champions for friends in our community that are struggling. This is work we should all find a way to get involved with.”

In addition to helping in the promotional efforts of signature events, such as Empty Bowl and Night of Giving, Pamela takes it a step further by donating her musical talents, too. You may recognize Pamela as a member of the SierraCapella band, a group that sings their heart out at Night of Giving.

“It’s an honor to be helping HH and see that my contributions have real impact for the organization and their guests,” said Pamela. “I’m in awe of the work the staff and volunteers do for our community. They have my sincere gratitude.”

Thank you, Pamela, for your loyal advocacy of our shelter and for furthering our work through awareness, promotions and song. We appreciate you.

Give with Your Heart and Change Lives Forever

Love is in the air. Give love and support this Valentine’s Day weekend to those who need it most. Join the Hearts & Hands Club and become a monthly donor, helping every month where the need is greatest. As a club member, you decide how much or how little to give. Club membership is available for as little as $5 per month. The price of a cup of coffee can provide fuel and nourishment to a family of five. Learn more about the Hearts & Hands Club>

Not ready to give monthly? The Legacy Circle is another way to create lasting impact, without affecting your current financials at all. Learn more about the Legacy Circle and how members create lasting impact forever>

Business Appreciation: BriarPatch Food Co-op

We’d like to thank BriarPatch Food Co-op for their commitment to our homeless community. Every year, BriarPatch goes above and beyond to help our homeless community, but this year they’ve pledged to double their support.

“The work of Hospitality House is critical to our community,” said Rebecca Torpie, BriarPatch marketing manager. “Every person deserves a place to sleep comfortably and safely, good food and human care and kindness. Access to these things is fundamental to a fairer, more just world and that’s what’s at the heart of the cooperative model.”

To increase food accessibility and essential services to those in need, throughout the year, BriarPatch will provide healthy foods, support the shelter’s culinary job training project, support the shelter’s events and camp cleanup efforts as well as provide unrestricted financial support so Hospitality House can respond where the need is greatest. Thank you, BriarPatch. We appreciate you!

Learn more about how Hospitality House and BriarPatch work together>


 2020 Impact Update

Last month we shared our 2020 highlights. New data and information received after our announcement has shifted some outcomes. We are grateful to share that we actually housed more people than initially reported—234 total to be exact.

Additionally, while 124 Veterans received emergency services in Nevada County, 45 were specifically served by Hospitality House and the latter through our partners.

Following is our updated 2020 highlights:

639 unique individuals received help, including 45 Veterans and 21 children. A total of 88,791 services were provided agency wide.

Top services included:

  • 70,892 meals
  • 7,418 transportation services
  • 6,218 case management services
  • 396 life skills/housing counseling sessions

By the end of the year, 234 people reached housing destinations!

  • 112 people moved into permanent housing
  • 122 people moved into an improved housing situation

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Stop By and Thank These Generous Local Sponsors!

Wish List


Needs for the Shelter:


•PPE masks and gloves (please keep donating these)
•*New pillows
•Blankets, twin size
•Bottled water
•Hand warmers
•Alka seltzer
•Travel bags
/ Earbuds
/ Combs
•Hair ties
•Toilet paper
•Paper towels
•8 oz paper cups
(no lids, plastic or Styrofoam cups needed)
•Men and Women’s winter gloves
•Men’s jeans,
sizes 30-36
underwear, sizes S, M, and L (or 5,6,7 and 8)
•Men and Women sweatpants, sizes M, L, XL and 2XL
•Plastic shower curtains and attachment rings for the Outreach Dorm’s bathroom shower)


Please drop these urgent items off at Utah’s Place, located 1262 Sutton Way in Grass Valley.


Provide love and support to struggling locals in need. Give today>