Pandemic Progress

Thank you to everyone who continues to give to our shelter operations during the pandemic. Your help is deeply appreciated and greatly needed. Since our last email, Hospitality House has expanded into a 24/7 model with help from the County, serving women, men and children around the clock at five locations (Utah’s Place and four motels).

“In times of crisis, we aren’t decreasing our services—we’re expanding them out of absolute necessity,” said Nancy Baglietto, Executive Director of Hospitality House. “This virus affects everyone. No one is immune and now more than ever before we need to come together to protect our entire community.”

Our outreach team and the HOME team are also mitigating for COVID-19 on the streets by passing out sanitization kits, hygiene packs and helping people reach medical treatment as well as helping with food transportation to all the motels.

We continue to serve as many people as possible with no lapses in services provided; however, more help is needed to meet the increased need for food, shelter and preventive supplies.

Urgently Needed Items:

  • New twin-size blankets (must be new in the package due to COVID-19)
  • 3-part food to go containers (to safely transport food to people in motels)
  • Handwarmers
  • Hand sanitizer (must be new and unopened to prevent contamination)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Financial support to continue expanded services – Make a tax-deductible gift today.

We appreciate any and all help. No gift is too small to create lasting impact.


Business Appreciation: The Oaks Clubhouse

A big thank you to The Oaks Clubhouse! Since expanding into motels last month, Hospitality House has had the added challenge of cooking and preparing more food as well as safe food delivery service. To help our chef keep up with the increased demand, chefs and employees of The Oaks Clubhouse, a restaurant in Lake Wildwood that temporarily closed due the pandemic, are now donating their time to cook and prepare meals every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in their commercial kitchen. Their Food and Beverage Director, Dustin Wright, has also been instrumental in coordinating food donations as well as organizing delivery drivers.

“I cannot express how full my heart feels to see our neighbors, as well as our surrounding community step up to the plate during this time,” said Dustin. ” This is what makes our community special, those among us willing to offer time, talent, and resources for the less fortunate. The team at The Oaks Clubhouse are proud to be a part of this.”

If you’d like to help further the efforts of Hospitality House too, we welcome your support.


Volunteer Spotlight: Frank Goss

Frank Goss first learned about the efforts of Hospitality House in May of last year, and after one conversation with staff, he took a tour of Hospitality House and immediately signed up to be a volunteer.

“Frank’s dedication to Hospitality House has been incredible,” said Ashley Quadros, Development Director. “It’s hard to believe we’ve only had Frank in our lives for about a year because in just one year’s time, he’s changed so many lives forever.”

Frank has taken on many hats at Hospitality House, including delivery driver for church donations, business sponsorship recruitment, raffle ticket sales for events, fundraising to help launch the pet program, volunteer recruitment and most recently, he’s now one of the volunteer drivers from Lake Wildwood, helping with weekend food service to ensure the folks who have been temporarily placed in motels are also receiving hot and healthy meals.

“It’s just one of those things I feel so deeply about,” said Frank. “Seeing the smiles on the faces of people who receive the food, and the various things that we do. It’s so community wise, so giving.”

Thank you, Frank, for giving your time and talents. From all of us at Hospitality House, we thank you!


Passing the Time with Paint

Say hello to George! George is currently experiencing homelessness and a guest in our shelter. To reduce stress and anxiety around the pandemic, he’s found solace through art. It took George a few days to make this painting, but his patience has paid off. Great work, George!

If you’d like to help George and more people like him receive help during the pandemic, please consider a donation today. We’re also accepting games and other activities to help shelter guests pass the time.

Food Service Incentive at Friar Tuck’s

Our friends at Friar Tuck’s Restaurant & Pub have created a tasty take out incentive for all.

While supporting their restaurant with curbside delivery, if you make a donation of $50 or more to feed the hungry on their website, 100% of this donation will provide food to our shelter guests, including poultry, meat, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

As a thank you for giving to our shelter and supporting their restaurant, they are giving everyone a $20 gift card who makes a donation of $50 or more! Start the process>>>

A big thank you to the Paige family and to all the wonderful folks at Friar Tuck’s for coming up with this incredible way to help our community together.


Update on Empty Bowl 

We continue to adhere to all safety recommendations and are watching closely for updates. Until the shelter-in-place order is lifted and it is safe to gather, a new date for Empty Bowl cannot be determined. However, we hope to reschedule for June with bowl pick up and raffle fun. The dining portion of the event and guest testimonials remain cancelled.

We will make an announcement as soon as the new date is confirmed and bowl ticket sales will resume. We appreciate all of our current ticketholders for being so understanding and for staying with us during these trying times.

Rest assured, your bowls are being well cared for until we can meet again.


Giving Hearts, Lending Hands

We welcome you to join our Hearts & Hands Club. Hearts & Hands is a group of wonderful people who donate every month to support the efforts of Hospitality House. Club donations are allocated toward the greatest needs, including but not limited to shelter, food, clothing, outreach, housing assistance, case management, and job training.

Have $5 to spare? The price of your cup of coffee can provide 5 meals.

Sign up now> Under donation frequency, select “monthly” for Hearts & Hands Club.



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