Utah’s Place

Utah Phillips was an ardent advocate for labor and peace issues as well as for the rights of homeless people. Utah, who was once homeless himself, felt a responsibility to help those in need.

Utah's Place Front with Guests 1

Utah’s Place has space for fifty-four guests to sit in comfort, for families to have their own private space, and for powerful new programs to develop and flourish. Specifically, our shelter features:

  • A Pathways to Housing room dedicated to services helping people to find homes, including caseworkers helping with individualized housing plans, one-time financial assistance (for rental costs and utilities), and connection to housing opportunities (open to all homeless people in the county).
  • The Pathways to Housing room is equipped with computers for life skills classes, including career planning, work habits, communication, money management, self-care, and homelessness recovery.
  • Ample space for job-readiness workshops/skills offered by local service agencies and community members (resumes, interview skills, etc.).
  • A room where housing case managers meet with individuals and their families.
  • A commercial kitchen and food preparation job-training program for guests.
  • Space for onsite recovery support meetings.
  • A private room for families with children.
  • Bunk Beds.
  • Multiple showers, laundry room.
  • A medical office and designated space for mobile medical clinic.
  • Space for community members to offer art, music, and other participatory/instructional opportunities.
  • A bus stop almost outside our door.
  • A 975-square-foot vegetable garden.


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