Hospitality House would like to honor Christine (Cris) Mulvey as Volunteer of the Month for June.

Cris first learned about Hospitality House when she moved from Montana to Nevada County in 2015. Her husband Jack began volunteering as a shelter advocate just before COVID-19. When the pandemic struck in 2020, Hospitality House reacted to an increased need for service by expanding programs and operations. When Hospitality House was met with increased expenses, Cris stepped in to help.

Cris created a way to meaningfully contribute to the work of Hospitality House by volunteering online. She worked with the Development Department, researching grants and identifying potential funding options.

Cris shared, “sharing what has been given to us, my husband and I, is increasingly imperative. Homelessness is growing in the U.S. and around the world [and] seems to me to be a priority issue, the most basic need there is, without which people have no hope of creating a life that works or of living into their potential.” She and Jack also wrote an article, published May 2020 in The Union, which encouraged residents to give during the pandemic.

“I have found volunteering to be a source of great peace and satisfaction to me as a retired person,” shared Cris. “Being able to use the skills and knowledge I developed in my professional life, to contribute to those who are working now for the values I believe in, rather than letting them fade away, feels good. More importantly, I am making a practical contribution to the quality of life for those in my community who do not have what they need and deserve.”

Although Cris and Jack recently relocated to the coast, she still offers to volunteer remotely for Hospitality House. She is grateful for all that Hospitality House does for the community, and we are grateful for her.

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