Pam, one of our volunteers at Hospitality House, is this great lady who gives her time and talent both leading a meal team at Utah’s Place and helping at Bread and Roses, our thrift store.

She was inspired to volunteer at Hospitality House because her son was homeless for a while and Hospitality House was there to help him back on his feet.  Pam says “the good people there” -at hospitality house- “housed him and fed him.”  She said “if I can give back for that, and feed some one else’s family, that’s great.” Pam knows some of the folks she has fed at Utah‘s Place have struggled with substance abuse issues in the past. Pam tells us if she can help some one stay clean and sober another day,”… again, she says, “that’s great.” Pam is right. If we begin to see our sons, our daughters, our mothers, and fathers in the eyes of a homeless stranger, and if that spark of familiarity, connectedness, and humanity can move us to action, like it has with Pam, indeed that is truly great.

A big thank you to Pam and the other volunteer dinner groups who wisely shopped, stirred and baked this week for the shelter guests: Twin Cities, Trinity Episcopal Church, Veritas Church, Kitchen Kutups, Grass Valley Charter School and Team Alliance.

 We want to thank all of you who dropped off needed items last week. Now down to the nitty gritty needs of the shelter for THIS week . . .

– backpacks

– socks

– sweat shirts

– small art canvases 12×12 or smaller for our art therapy class

– mens pajamas

– blankets

Drop off your donations at Utah’s Place, located in Brunswick Basin, past the DMV, at 1262 Sutton Way. Call 615-0852 with any questions.

 With the nights cooling down, Bread & Roses Thrift has a great selection of lightweight sweaters and jackets. And if you have crazy hats or old costumes, drop them off at Bread & Roses Thrift to help us build our Halloween costume collection. As the volunteer manager, I have to put a plug in . . . we need volunteers on Mondays 12-4. The store is solely run by our volunteers on Mondays and the store is an important source of funding for the shelter. Call me to find out more at 615-0805 or just stop by Bread & Roses Thrift (right next to Sierra Cinemas) to help out.