I’m Danna and I’m the Medical Case Manager for Hospitality House. I connect our guests with medical services as well as handle their medical insurance needs. I also help guests who own animals connect with our Pet Program.

The Pet Program allows guests to stay at the shelter with their pet while ensuring that their pet gets medical care that benefits their overall wellbeing. This includes food, shelter, wellness checks, shots, spay and neuter services, emergency medical care, and microchipping. Microchipping is performed at Pine Creek Veterinary, one of our Pet Program partners. In order to safely care for people and their pets, all pets must also pass a behavior test. Once complete, Hospitality House provides funding to license any dogs we may be working with. One of our guests, Lucy, has been staying in a hotel with her service dog and had hopes of staying at the shelter. We connected her with veterinary services and her dog, Tuxtin, passed the behavior test with flying colors, so together they’ll be moved over to Utah’s Place soon where they’ll continue to benefit from services and care on their road back to housing. Another client, John, has two dogs who were both behind on their shots and were not microchipped. We were able to help John access these services and due to both dogs being previously neutered, we were able to obtain licenses which will be helpful if the dogs are lost. Due to his pervasive medical conditions, John is currently housed at a motel as well but he and his dogs are qualified and welcome to stay at the shelter if the motel no longer is available. We continue to interact and offer services to guests with pets in order to extend our reach in the community and to be more inclusive to those with furry companions. We’d like to thank all the donors in the community who have helped make the Pet Program possible.

Normally at this time we thank all the cook groups who came and cooked over the last week, but to keep our shelter safe, our cook groups are supporting our meals by donating financial support and food, and Chef Chris is safely cooking all meals instead. We’d like to thank Wolf Creek Commons Cohousing, Telestream, The Gourmet Squad, Meals by Heels, Elevation 2477′, The Home Team, and Grass Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church for all their help. To everyone who donated our most needed items last week, thank you as well!

Now down to the nitty gritty needs of the shelter for this week…

• New pillows
• New blankets
• Adult coloring books
• Colored pens and pencils
• Any crafts that can be done by one person
• Deodorant
• Hand sanitizer
• Poligrip and Polident
• Body soap
• Shampoo and conditioner, regular sizes
• Bleach
• Bottled water
• Guitar picks
• Blood pressure device (all in one unit or a separate B/P cuff & stethoscope pair)
• Diabetes test kits (Glucose meter & test strips)

Please drop off urgent items to Utah’s Place, located in Brunswick Basin, past the DMV, at 1262 Sutton Way in Grass Valley. For a tax receipt, please ring the doorbell and wait for someone to come outside to assist you. We greatly appreciate the community’s help at such times of certainty. In the words of Utah Phillips, “If we all stick together, we’ll get what we need.”
Thank you!

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