With International Women’s Day around the corner (and our exciting $10,000 matching opportunity), we are celebrating women who work to carry out the mission of Hospitality House.

My name is Sydnie Day, and I am the Supervising Case Manager for Hospitality House’s emergency shelter, Utah’s Place. I help to equip guests at the shelter with the tools that can help to get them back into permanent housing faster, such as: gaining access to medical and mental health care and recovery treatment, obtaining vital documents, resume writing, job interview preparation, securing social security and/or disability benefits, and completing housing applications.

Empathy and compassion toward others is the cornerstone of what I do at Hospitality House and the person who had the greatest impact on my life, in that regard, was my Grandma Judy. Unfortunately, she passed away years ago, but she taught me so many things while she was alive. She was kind to everyone and showed me what true compassion looks like.

Working in the social services field, as a woman, can be challenging. Guests of Utah’s Place are often vulnerable individuals who are dealing with trauma, domestic violence, and sometimes substance use disorder. Helping them navigate some of the hardest times in their lives can be emotionally straining. It takes courage and determination to keep facing such intense challenges head on. However, being able to help people past these barriers is extremely fulfilling and makes the demands worthwhile.

A lot of the women I work with, who are experiencing homelessness, come to the shelter in a state of survival mode, often fleeing violent situations and seeking refuge. Being able to help them through these traumatic experiences and playing a small positive role in their lives is humbling. I am moved by their strength and bravery. While experiencing homelessness can be incredibly difficult for any individual, women are vastly more likely than men to become homeless in response to domestic violence. Additionally, women are more likely than men to experience violence, abuse, and high-risk situations while homeless. That’s why the shelter and its staff endeavor to provide a safe space and ample support for guests to heal on their path back to permanent housing.

Please consider donating to Hospitality House by Wednesday, March 8th to double your impact on women who are struggling with homelessness. Local businesswoman, Lauren Maddux, is matching donations made to Hospitality House up to $10,000. Your donations will allow us to further help the women we serve with everything from basic necessities, like food and shelter, to case management and permanent housing.

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