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Help Us Celebrate Dallas
Dallas is a homeless guest in our shelter and for his birthday this month, our shelter staff and guests wanted to do something special for him because he does so much for us.
As an example, Dallas is a caretaker in our shelter. He helps with the shelter’s day-to-day operations, which has been a huge help since our shelter shifted into a 24/7 operation in response to the pandemic. In addition to being a caretaker, Dallas is also a culinary student, who just graduated from the program!
In true culinary-student fashion, a birthday cake was made for Dallas to celebrate. Happy Birthday, Dallas!
Dallas continues to work on his personal growth and we hope to help Dallas back into permanent housing very soon. If you’d like to make a donation in honor of Dallas’ birthday to support him and others in the shelter and across the motels, we appreciate your help. Give today>
Pandemic Progress
(March 16 – August 13)
Thank you, community supporters! Because of you, we’re still chugging along, full steam ahead. During these last five months, 386 unique individuals (including children) have been helped with the following services provided:
  • 31,199 meals
  • 1,461 case management services
  • 1,776 rides to medical and related
  • 242 life skills/housing counseling sessions
  • 50 mental health counseling sessions
  • 47 hygiene packages delivered on the streets
Most importantly, 49 people moved from homelessness to housing!
Let’s continue this good work together! Help now>
Will You Be Our Next Club Member?
Hospitality House is proud to offer a fun-loving club, called the Hearts & Hands Club. The good work of Hospitality House is largely made possible because of people who see a need and respond. Hearts & Hands Club members respond together every month and help where the need is greatest.
Board President, Steve Castleberry, has an in depth understanding of Hospitality House, its services, and its impact, which is why he not only appreciates club members—he’s a club member too!
This month, we have an ambitious goal to welcome 25 new club members and you can become an honored club member by donating as little as $5 per month and change a life in the process.
Business Appreciation:
Grocery Outlet
Our heartfelt thanks to the Smith family and all the wonderful folks at Grocery Outlet. Our friends at Grocery Outlet understand that our food needs have tripled as a result of the pandemic, so this month they have pledged to help us as much as they can with a goal to help provide 3,000 meals.
True to their world, Grocery Outlet has been consistently donating food and will continue to help in this capacity for the rest of the month. Thank you, Grocery Outlet, for giving real people in our community nourishing meals and fuel to return to stability and housing.
Food support: We have more mouths to feed with approximately 4,500 more meals still needed this month. We welcome your help if you can give it.  Donate today>
Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Triolo
For the last nine years, Mark has been gifting his time and talents to Hospitality House. As a video production extraordinaire, Mark has helped create a number of videos for Hospitality House to raise public awareness and financial support for the shelter.
“These videos were designed to help the community understand what Hospitality House does, how they do it, the stories of guests …  Many videos were to introduce new programs that Hospitality House was running or events like the Empty Bowl.”
Mark has produced videos individually and as part of video teams, helping with concept development, production, filming and editing, but of all the videos he’s helped produce, his favorite video tells the story of Hospitality House without words.
Since this video was created by Mark, Hospitality House has expanded its services further by embracing a Housing First model, introducing recuperative care, expanding outreach and transportation, and even launching a pet program, but the video still reflects the heart of Hospitality House: the people—helping real people on their journeys back to sustainable living and permanent housing, and just like Mark, we love this video.
“One of my personal goals upon retirement was to give back to the community,” said Mark. “I think we all, as community members, need to donate our time and talent to make this a better place to live …  I get significant satisfaction from knowing that what I do makes life better for someone else … Since I know many of their personal stories, I feel a connecting to seeing them move forward. The most satisfaction comes from hearing that someone I know moved into housing and is now self-sufficient.”
Thank you, Mark, for your years of dedication and for helping not only Hospitality House, but volunteering to further the work of multiple organizations in the community, including Interfaith Food Ministry, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, KVMR, and The Nevada Theater.
Jones Fire Update
Hospitality House staff is closely monitoring developments surrounding the Jones Fire. Please know that should the need arise, Hospitality House is prepared to safely evacuate every guest in the shelter. As of the afternoon of Aug. 18, Hospitality House is not under evacuation orders or evacuation warning.
The safety of our guests remains our top priority. We encourage you to also stay up to date on the fire’s activity and evacuation orders at Ready Nevada County. Please also encourage your friends and family to sign up for CodeRED to receive emergency alerts.
Living Legacy: Life Insurance
Did you know in most cases you can name Hospitality House as a partial or sole beneficiary of your life insurance policy? Or you may be able to gift the policy itself.
Consider creating a new policy or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need.
Helpful Resources:
 We Miss Our Volunteers
These last five months have been challenging without our beloved volunteers (photo taken pre-pandemic). We are often asked, “When can I come back and cook at the shelter?” We wish we could say, “Today!” Sadly, it’s not that easy. Since the onset of the pandemic, our shelter has remained in quarantine, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we are under direction from Public Health to stay in quarantine until the County reaches Stage 4.
This means the vast majority of our volunteer programming remains suspended, and in simplest of terms, it means we can’t have our cooking volunteers back just yet. That said, we would like to thank each and every volunteer cook who has provided financial support in lieu of cooking. As our food needs continue to climb, it is making a tremendous difference.
Please know that we are beyond grateful for all of our volunteers, donors and community partners. Thank you all for providing vital services to our struggling community members during these unprecedented times.
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Generous Local Sponsors!
Wish List
Needs for the Shelter:
• Earplugs
• New pillows
• New blankets
• Men’s pants, *only size 32-34
• Men’s gym shorts
• Men’s & Women’s shorts and tank tops
• Adult coloring books
• Colored pens and pencils
• Any crafts that can be done by one person
• Deodorant
• Hand sanitizer
• Body soap
• Shampoo and conditioner, regular sizes
• Bleach
• Bottled water
• Guitar picks
Please drop these urgent items off at Utah’s Place, located 1262 Sutton Way in Grass Valley.
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