Two New Faces in the Kitchen

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Hospitality House kitchen staff are cooking up something good, nutritious, and budget-friendly. Culinary Program Manager, Sandro Herzog, and Culinary Program Assistant, Gina Andersen, have teamed up to create delicious meals for our guests. They are ready with whisk and spatula in hand because the kitchen at Utah’s Place prepares over 200 meals per day (over 300 meals a day at peak times this past year). We serve shelter guests and homeless individuals staying in local motels when there is no availability at the shelter and/or to maintain compliance with health and safety protocols. These expansion efforts have been made possible, thanks to our partners, County of Nevada, Communities Beyond Violence, Turning Point Providence Center, Sierra Roots, and because of loyal donors like you.

Prior to the pandemic, the shelter kitchen provided one hot meal a night and most meals were cooked and served by volunteers. When COVID-19 prohibited volunteers from serving at the shelter, kitchen staff assumed all meal production and loyal volunteers continued to provide financial support and food as they could. The kitchen has been serving three full meals a day since March 2020, and Sandro and Gina are taking the challenge of increased meal production in stride.

Sandro started working in the food service industry in Germany when he was 16. Since then, he has worked in three different countries and has a background in fine dining. Sandro chose this career because he believes making food is a great tool to bring people together, to create community and to make people happy.

“Food is not only feeding the bellies of our guests but also their souls and hearts,” he said. “Seeing this nourishment happen is amazing.”

Sandro leads the job training program and supervises kitchen operations. He was inspired to work at Hospitality House because he can use his skills and knowledge to help individuals overcome their struggles, find a job and hopefully get back on their feet. Sandro is hoping to “build a better future for our guests and the community as a whole.”

Gina’s love of cooking morphed from a hobby into a career when she was in her 20s. She loves cooking for people and sharing her delicious creations. Gina is a mother of two and chose to work at Hospitality House because she loves the opportunity to help others.

Gina shared, “I am humble, have a big heart, enjoy giving and feeding the guests. It brings me joy to see them happy.”

Hospitality House is currently exploring the safest ways to welcome back volunteers into the kitchen in the very near future. If you are interested in volunteering to cook or in other capacities, please contact the Development Department at (530) 615-0852 or email If you would like to help with food or other expenses, donate today>


The Community Helped John in His Time of Need

John is thankful for the support he has received at Hospitality House. In this video, John shares his journey from living in his car, sheltering and receiving services at Utah’s Place, to finding stable and sustainable housing.

“I’m doing very, very well and back on track,” he explained. “And I owe a lot of it to this place–Hospitality House.”

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New Job Training Programs

At Hospitality House, our goal is to transition homeless guests into housing by offering a comprehensive plan for success. We offer shelter, food, case management, housing assistance and various wraparound services, including job skills training. For several years, Hospitality House has proudly provided culinary job training, but new this summer are two new job training programs: computer literacy and facilities maintenance.

The computer literacy program launched this June and has been met with positive reviews from shelter guests. The goal of this 12-week program is to increase the confidence of participants when using a computer. Ultimately, participants will be able to conduct internet research, send professional emails, build a resume and apply for jobs online.

Levi Bryant, the course instructor, commented, “My goal is to passively monitor the participants’ improvement and try to help those falling behind so they can keep up in the course and be successful.”

The facilities maintenance course is expected to debut this July. The 12-week course will allow participants to acquire valuable skills with an emphasis on hands-on work experience to master maintenance and repair projects while gaining knowledge on preventing hazards and troubleshooting.

All shelter guests are encouraged to enroll in one or more of our course offerings. Tyson Powers, Case Manager Supervisor, works with local businesses to identify potential employment opportunities for graduates. If you are an employer searching for employees with any of these vocational skills, please contact Tyson at (530) 798-6465 or


Business Appreciation: County of Nevada

The County of Nevada has been a long-standing partner of Hospitality House and this past year, their help has been all the more impactful in the face of COVID-19. In addition to helping with motel expansion efforts to shelter more people in crisis and to ensure social distancing at Utah’s Place, the County continues to further our efforts on a day-to-day basis.

We routinely work together on the streets through our collaborative Homeless Outreach and Medical Engagement (HOME) team; they were founding partners in introducing both our Outreach Dorm and our Recuperative Care Dorm with Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital; they continue to aid our transportation efforts; and together with Regional Housing Authority, we’re on track to introduce 40-units of subsidized housing to the community this winter. We are grateful to have the support of County of Nevada and thank them for believing in our work and furthering it together.

Learn more about how the County and Hospitality House work together>


Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Mulvey

Hospitality House would like to honor Christine (Cris) Mulvey as Volunteer of the Month for June.

Cris first learned about Hospitality House when she moved from Montana to Nevada County in 2015. Her husband Jack began volunteering as a shelter advocate just before COVID-19. When the pandemic struck in 2020, Hospitality House reacted to an increased need for service by expanding programs and operations. When Hospitality House was met with increased expenses, Cris stepped in to help.

Cris created a way to meaningfully contribute to the work of Hospitality House by volunteering online. She worked with the Development Department, researching grants and identifying potential funding options.

Cris shared, “sharing what has been given to us, my husband and I, is increasingly imperative. Homelessness is growing in the U.S. and around the world [and] seems to me to be a priority issue, the most basic need there is, without which people have no hope of creating a life that works or of living into their potential.” She and Jack also wrote an article, published May 2020 in The Union, which encouraged residents to give during the pandemic.

“I have found volunteering to be a source of great peace and satisfaction to me as a retired person,” shared Cris. “Being able to use the skills and knowledge I developed in my professional life, to contribute to those who are working now for the values I believe in, rather than letting them fade away, feels good. More importantly, I am making a practical contribution to the quality of life for those in my community who do not have what they need and deserve.”

Although Cris and Jack recently relocated to the coast, she still offers to volunteer remotely for Hospitality House. She is grateful for all that Hospitality House does for the community, and we are grateful for her.


Mary Liebke, Take A Bow

After 16 years of faithful service, Mary Liebke is retiring from her volunteer position as cook group coordinator. We greatly appreciate Mary’s dedication and impact through the years. In 2010, she was awarded the “Love in Action award. In 2014, the kitchen at Utah’s Place was named after her. In 2019 and 2020, Mary was honored as Volunteer of the Month. Mary has served as the cook group coordinator and in other roles throughout her volunteer journey, always willing to lend a helping hand. Although we will greatly miss her, we will never forget all that she helped create. Thank you, Mary.


Help Us Spread the Word!Article Image

If you are reading this newsletter, we know you have an interest in Hospitality House and the work we do. If you have a desire to do more, Hospitality House and our guests will reap the benefit of your increased engagement. We are committed to increasing community awareness about what we do, and who we serve, and you can help!

Would you like to learn more about the programs and services Hospitality House provides? Maybe you’re interested in hosting a future drive to help others? We’d be delighted to speak with you or your club, group or business any time. Please call (530) 615-0852 or email for more info or to schedule a speaking engagement.

Along the Trail: World Traveler Partners with Hospitality House to Help People in Crisis

“Compassionate choices,” said Hindi Greenberg. “Anyone can find themselves homeless. Some people just need help. They need stability. I believe in that.”

Greenberg joined the Legacy Circle at Hospitality House by naming the nonprofit as a beneficiary in her trust. This decision ensures in the long years after she is gone, people in crisis will continue to receive the help they need. Helping others are values that were bestowed upon her as a child.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, her parents volunteered at community organizations and, while they had a modest income, they donated as often as they could and were always available to help friends and neighbors in times of hardship.

“Watching your parents doing that kind of thing, you just learn,” explained Greenberg. “In junior high, I volunteered at a home for developmentally disabled adults. I was never told I had to do this. I just saw this was what good people did. They gave their time or money for others who may need assistance.”

When Greenberg was old enough, she began to travel the world and by living in other countries and backpacking extensively, she experienced a variety of cultures first-hand and saw things she could never unsee, even if she tried.

“In Asia, I saw such poverty,” recalled Greenberg. “I was exposed to what others don’t have that I do. Some more financially fit people say that these poor people can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But many of these people were never provided with or taught to take bootstraps on which to pull; they don’t have the ability and they need help. I don’t believe that people should just be left to suffer—whether by the consequences of their own bad choices or what they were born into.”

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Subscription Giving

How is Netflix like the Hearts & Hands Club? If you have Netflix, you likely do not think about the monthly subscription until you decide to watch a movie. Hearts & Hands Club members can make a huge impact in the lives of others by simply giving every month. Through subscription (or monthly) giving, many members do not think about their gifts until they see someone homeless on the street. They then remember that, as a member, they make a difference in the lives of people like them. Every month, Hearts & Hands members make our work possible.

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We’re Hiring!

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of those around you? You can! From community engagement to working one-on-one with someone struggling, we are looking for caring and compassionate individuals to join our team.

Career Spotlight: Community Engagement Officer

Under direct supervision of the Development Director, this position is primarily responsible for assisting with the implementation of Hospitality House’s fundraising and public relations functions through a variety of activities. The duties of the position include preparing written development and marketing materials to enhance fundraising and community awareness; representing Hospitality House at public functions and speaking engagements; coordinating and processing gifts; assisting with major fundraising events; building donor and media relations; researching and writing applicable grants; and utilizing social media to fundraise and expand outreach.

This position is full time with benefits and pays up to $30 an hour, DOE. Three professional writing samples and a cover letter are required for consideration.

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Wish List

Needs for the Shelter:

• Blankets and sheets, twin size

• Bottled water

• Bras, all sizes

• Duffle bags and backpacks

• Men’s and women’s deodorant

• Men’s underwear or boxers, sizes M, L, and XL

• New pillows

• PPE masks and gloves (please keep donating these)

• Shampoo and conditioner, travel size

• Women’s underwear, sizes S, M, and L


Please drop these urgent items off at Utah’s Place, located 1262 Sutton Way in Grass Valley.


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