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AJA Video Systems

AJA joined forces with Hospitality House in 2020 as a Heart of Gold event sponsor of Empty Bowl, helping to spread awareness on homelessness and to provide sustenance and support to individuals struggling with homelessness.

BriarPatch Food Co-op

BriarPatch is one of Hospitality House’s strategic partners and helps ensure that food is provided year-round to shelter guests. Hospitality House’s culinary students have an opportunity to shop at BriarPatch to create new fresh and healthy recipes. BriarPatch Co-op also publishes articles about Hospitality House’s work in their seasonal magazine called the VINE and also sponsors all events and camp cleanup efforts.

California Solar Electric

Cal Solar helped install a 40-unit solar system at Utah’s Place with Good Sun. They are committed to helping people overcome homelessness and are actively working with Hospitality House to introduce a free solar job training program to shelter guests in the near future (post-pandemic).

Caseywood Corporation

Caseywood has been helping with Hospitality House’s events since 2013. In 2020, they became a Heart of Gold event sponsor of Empty Bowl, helping to spread awareness on homelessness and to provide sustenance and support to individuals struggling with homelessness.

Chapa-De Indian Health Center

Chapa-De gives priority assistance to people struggling with homelessness by providing medical and free dental services to qualifying guests. They are currently exploring ways to better support our homeless population with Hospitality House.

County of Nevada

The County is Hospitality House’s largest business and contractual partner. In 2018, the County, Hospitality House and Dignity Health – Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital worked together to introduce the Recuperative Care Dorm at Hospitality House, a dorm designed to welcome homeless patients released from Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital to Hospitality House where they can rest and recuperate from their ailments and injuries, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the shelter. The County of Nevada also helped introduce the Outreach Dorm in Feb. 2019, a dorm that embraces a Housing First model and a come-as-you-are philosophy to expand services and wraparound support to individuals in need. The County helps fund the Homeless Access Transportation (HAT) driver, which provides free transportation for homeless guests and low-income Nevada County residents to help them reach doctor appointments and related services needed. In collaboration with the County, Hospitality House and Behavioral Health, the Homeless Outreach and Medical Engagement (HOME) team launched in summer 2019 as well. This team works diligently in the field to identify and help Nevada County’s most vulnerable homeless population. Services include on-the-spot medical assistance, case management, referrals for treatment and mental health services, transportation and housing support. Hospitality House and the County also partnered with Regional Housing Authority in 2018 to build 40-units of subsidized housing in Nevada County, along with a day services center. With grant funding secured by the County in 2019 and 2020, the 40-units of housing broke ground in July 2020 and is expected to be completed in fall 2021. Ongoingly, the County, Hospitality House, and local law enforcement come together biweekly for Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) meetings in an effort to streamline help to those in need on the streets. Hospitality House also works closely with Nevada County Probation for major and mini camp cleanup efforts throughout the year to lessen the likelihood of forest fire and to beautify Nevada County.

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

CSU provides Hospitality House’s guest and clients with emergency psychiatric care and supportive intervention for those in a behavioral health crisis.

Dignity Health – Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

Through a competitive grant opportunity, Dignity Health helped make a partnership between Granite Wellness Centers, Grass Valley Police Department and Hospitality House possible, collectively introducing the Rapid Access to Wellness program (helping homeless individuals on the streets reach recovery treatment and housing). Dignity Health also helped launch the Recuperative Care Dorm at Hospitality House in partnership with County of Nevada to offer homeless people released from the hospital a place to rest and recuperate. Dignity Health remains a year-round business sponsor as well, furthering Hospitality House’s fundraising and event efforts.

Early Bird Farm

Early Bird Farm became a new partner of Hospitality House during the 2020 pandemic. They help feed people in crisis every week by donating harvested goods as often as they can to Hospitality House.

Friar Tuck’s Restaurant & Bar

Friar Tuck’s believes every person should have a chance at sustainability. They reach out to Hospitality House every time a job is open to give homeless guests first priority at job placement. They host an annual benefit for the shelter and constantly explore new ways to expand their support. Their last benefit was a food fundraiser that ran April – May 2020 to help the shelter during the pandemic.

Full Circle Press

Full Circle Press is a local letterpress and design shop with a heart for our homeless community. They generously donate all of Hospitality House’s cards and related correspondence. Anytime a donor receives a thank you card in the mail, chances are Full Circle Press made it possible.

Grocery Outlet

During the first two months of the 2020 pandemic, Grocery Outlet donated food every weekend to help Hospitality House keep up with the increased demands for food. Knowing that food accessiblity continues to play a critical role for people struggling in the community, Grocery Outlet will be sponsoring Hospitality House’s food expenses at their local Grass Valley store in August 2020.

Insight Respite Center

Insight Respite Center creates a supportive environment for Hospitality House’s guests and clients with mental health challenges who are going through difficult times. The focus is on personal strengths and strive to gain emotional stability, balance and resilience within their lives, as they work toward their recovery.

InterWest Insurance Services, LLC (Chip Arenchild)

Vice President of InterWest, Chip Arenchild, has been a long-time event sponsor of Night of Giving, an annual musical benefit for Hospitality House. With their ongoing help, the shelter raises financial support every year to help more people experiencing homelessness.

Kathy Dotson Designs

Kathy is a local design extraordinaire, and has been helping Hospitality House create beautiful marketing materials since it came to be, with a specialized focus on event materials. She also helped design Hospitality House’s branding.

Lake Wild Wood Association (LWW)

LWW became a new partner of Hospitality House’s at the start of the 2020 pandemic. When Hospitality House expanded from an overnight shelter into a 24/7 operation, spanning into multiple motels, the need for food drastically increased and LWW was there. For two months, chefs and employees of The Oaks Clubhouse, a restaurant in LWW that temporarily closed due the pandemic, donated their time to cook and prepare meals every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in their commercial kitchen. Their Food and Beverage Director, Dustin Wright, was also instrumental in coordinating food donations as well as organizing delivery drivers. LWW has pledged to help Hospitality House as much as they can in the years ahead through awareness and fundraising for the shelter.

Nevada County Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement works closely with Hospitality House to help decrease calls for services and to aid officers in homeless engagement activities. Hospitality House meets regularly with law enforcement as part of the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) to address current and long-term issues surrounding homelessness. GVPD also has a partnership for Rapid Access to Wellness with GWC (a grant partnership made possible by Dignity Health) to provide referrals and shelter for people needing recovery treatment. Hospitality House was also awarded Peace Officers and Standard Training (POST) in 2019, and is working collaboratively with Grass Valley Police Department (GVPD), Nevada City Police Department (NCPD) and Nevada County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) to develop new training to aid officers in engaging homeless folks, including best practices for peaceful engagement and detect signs of mental health, which help identify and teach tools to best address homelessness in Nevada County. The training is expected to debut by fall 2020.

Northern California Mortgage

Northern California Mortgage has been a Heart of Gold Empty Bowl event sponsor for a number of years. They stand with our homeless community to ensure our most vulnerable continue to receive support and advocacy as they transition back into housing.

Partners Family Resource Centers

Partners Family Resource Centers offers multiple services to families that are living at Hospitality House’s shelter or clients staying at motels. Services include behavior health therapists, GED assistance, parenting classes and other resources to help families navigate systems and connect to resources on their journeys back to housing.

SPD Markets

As a strategic partner of Hospitality House, SPD helps ensure food is provided year-round to shelter guests for the needed nutrition to stay healthy. Hospitality House’s culinary program provides students the opportunity to shop at SPD Markets, and create new recipes to feed guests and clients.


Telestream is a strategic partner of Hospitality House, helping with its day-to-day operations at the shelter by providing ongoing financial support. In addition to financial help, Telestream employees also make meals for shelter guests once a month and take on periodic special projects, such as painting the shelter.

The Event Helper

The Event Helper and its co-owner, Lauren Maddux, help Hospitality House each year with financial support in honor of International Women’s Day. In 2020, Maddux challenged the community to meet her generous match offer and the community responded in full.

The Union

The Union newspaper is a sponsor for Hospitality House’s main fundraising events, such as Night of Giving and Empty Bowl, by gifting Hospitality House advertising space to promote attendance for these community events.

Trinity Builders

Trinity helps with small ongoing construction projects at Hospitality House at no cost. Most recently in May 2020, they helped expand case management offices to give people an opportunity to receive the services needed to return to housing.

Turning Point Community Programs

Turning Point empowers guests and clients of all ages and identities to live their best life through the delivery of quality behavioral health and social services.

Volz Brothers Automotive

Volz Bros helps keep our HAT van fully maintained at no cost. They provide free and discounted work to guests’ vehicles. Additionally, they donate financial support year-round to help further our work.

Western Sierra Clinic

Western Sierra provides urgent, pediatric, primary and dental care for Hospitality House’s guest and clients. delivers quick news and happenings about Hospitality House to the community. They are also a co-sponsor for our top fundraising events by gifting advertising space on their website.

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